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A Heart Once Pure V: Heart's apart
Author's note: please refer to the description below for general terms used in this realm.
A heart once Pure
Chapter V: Hearts apart.

The journey of a year, through which we travelled The Forest Kingdom of Tyto, The Desert Kingdom of Kuneer, and lastly The Kingdom of Ambala, I sprinted and ran in a little less than a week. I wanted to give it all back: every memory and every laughter we shared until there was nothing left of him. I couldn’t remember much of what I passed on my run back to Tyto, anguished as I was with my tears constantly streaming down my cheeks. I couldn’t remember what I ate or where I slept during that week because all I knew was my anguish in my marrow like a sharp needle sticking through every fibre of my being.
It was breaking dawn when I reached it; the cave formed by a large old tree that fell in ages past, that I was given to rest in after that fateful day when I was swallowed by the raging waves of the Sea of Hoolemere, and all I could do w
:iconwhisperer-of-winds:Whisperer-of-Winds 9 11

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Artist | Professional | Literature
Hi there,

Quite a few many know me as Harfang, but my true name is Mohammad and, yes, I am a fullly fledged muslim ^_^. I am also an engineer working as technical manager in a company specialized in the glazing industry. Oh, believe me; this is no easy job and its quite so technical that, sometimes, I just can't wait to get back home to read a good story while drinking a cup of tea.

I am just a man that spent many years reading novels. Something, however, changed at a certain point and I realized that, if I put a pencil to my fingers, I can actually write.

English is not my mother tongue, however, yet it calms me to write. I am quite a failure at drawing, and pretty much all other arts, but I do enjoy the work of other artists. Who knows, though? Maybe I will acknowledged one day as a man of fine taste. My profile image is the work of the lovely Ila

I started on this site with the intent to see better artists than I can ever dream to be but, I guess, I can at least give it my best, right? I enjoy collaborations and have become adept at constructing and forming comics, and so, if you feel the desire to draw a comic, ask and we shall see. In the mean time, take a look at my collection of comics. Of course, I was not the one to draw these; I was but the humble author standing in the shades, and the real artists you will see there. I offer my literate skills for any artist that might believe they can have use of a few gently-written words.

In a way, I consider myself a most fortunate man. Why, do you ask?
Well, it is because, along the way, I always have found myself encircled by the kindest and most talented and those, in time, I have come to consider as family that are close at heart though far apart. In my time of service here on dA, I have had those as my dearest freinds:
:iconaryncoryn::iconila-mae::iconxeini::iconzebrapoe::iconlacrichan::iconsaturdaymorningproj: :iconriver-birch::iconantiander-art::iconthe-drachen-nivalis:

I know, this is supposed to be a bio about me but I hardly think that's much important. I take pride in the talented friends I gain so don't be shy; I enjoy good healthy friendships, and I was told that I have the gift to tell stories.


From the heart - stamp - by pandalecko Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Remembered Stamp by WetWithRain Stargazer Stamp by PixieDust01
To my dear friends and kind followers,

Thank you so much for having faith in m during these past three years since I joined your elegant community here within DeviantArt. With all hopes, your faith shall not go to waste.

But though I do appear as if I have been more on the silent side, art-wise, the truth is that I have been quite busy to the brink of all my artistic concentration for more than a year and a half so far, doing several certain doing collaborations.

Of course, those of you who had known me for quite a while might have noticed that I have gradually made a transition at story-telling from short stories to comic-scripts writing and that, dearest reader, is what made me a rather attractive partner to my good friend :iconsaturdaymorningproj:

I will assume that most of you would already have read my last comic: Angelic Flutterboom, as explained and demonstrated in this journal My second comic, Angelic FlutterboomDearest all,
I am well through my second happy year on DeviantArt, and it already is a place I call Home... but this is not why I gathered you here all with me nor would I waste any of your precious time by letting you read through idle words and thoughts.
But I do want to share with you, my rare few and precious watchers whom had just recently amounted to a full 100 watchers, and announce the successful publishing of a second comic that I wrote, and my first collaboration with the dearest friend, :iconsaturdaymorningproj: , so please be as nice as I know you all to be and say hi to him, because he certainly was kind to me in accepting me as his partner in a collaborative effort that produced this work and which you may follow through this link to all the pages that are yet to be published ^_^
Though, truth be told, since I wrote this comic almost a year ago, I am sitting here, all relaxed and lazy, bossing my partner around while he does all the work ^^; but it was nothing short of ma

But, now I will come to the main point of this journal: to provide proof that I am not dead, but rather alive and kicking when it comes to the passion of my heart: telling stories.

Oh, and you will not have to go quite far to search for them: all of them were "magically" transformed from plain descriptive words into line and colours by my favourite and most refined artist saturdaymorningproj ^_^

Note: I was not the one to write the scripts of these collaborations from point zero; merely "polish them", or so SMP likes to describe what my pencil can do to his scripts ;D

And, well, here they are:

Royal courtesy:
Royal Courtesy by saturdaymorningproj

Better late than never:
Better late than never by saturdaymorningproj

Flashlight Paradox:
Flashlight Paradox by saturdaymorningproj

Of black white and grey:
Of Black White And Grey by saturdaymorningproj

The Pie & Seek sequel: (I rather loved proof-reading or this series ^_^ )
Pie And Seek Part 1 by saturdaymorningproj   Pie And Seek Part 2 by saturdaymorningproj   Pie And Seek Part 3 by saturdaymorningproj   Pie And Seek Part 4 by saturdaymorningproj   Pie And Seek Part 5 by saturdaymorningproj   Pie And Seek Part 6 by saturdaymorningproj   Pie And Seek Part 7 by saturdaymorningproj

What goes around: (I had a small role here so I will not take much of a credit ^^; )
What Goes Around Part 1 by saturdaymorningproj   What Goes Around Part 2 by saturdaymorningproj   What Goes Around Part 3 by saturdaymorningproj     What Goes Around Part 4 by saturdaymorningproj   What goes around part 5 final by saturdaymorningproj

So here you have it: this journal sums up all my efforts during the past two years, but that is not all of it! For literally one year and half, you see, SMP and I were working on his newest pony-comic idea: "A Princess's Worth".

All of you who have not added him to your watch-list might already want to do that; not just because off a mere recommendation from me and absolutely not only because you will see my name often mentioned in his comic works of art, but most definitely because you will much enjoy the ideas he portrays in his comics; representing a well-educated mindset and a steady heart in such ever-changing times.

And, on a rather exclusive note that I can assure you that only I know of, you will much enjoy his rapidly-developing artistic skills that I have been exposed to and, most humbly, had had a chance to care for and nourish as well... if only in repayment for the improvements we made on my own script-writing skills to make sure that his lines and colours can fill all of your lives with such tenderness and smiles.

Yes, I know, I also seem to have developed into drama-writing ^_^ but these are exciting times for me and I would only want to share them with all of you.

Once part 2 of "A Princess's Worth" is finished, I will make a journal about it.

One last note:
On a different, though related subject, I have already laid my plans for a Ga'Hoole-cross-MLP comic. It is still not in writing stage but it is the norm for me to dream and think about a writing project for some time (I have been thinking about this particular project for two years now ^^; ) and I have decided to sharpen my blunt pencil and set it to work at the end of this week.

Of course, those who have known me for quite a while would know that I am a dedicated Ga'Hoolian and by no means a Brony (although I do prefer their friendships and they admire mine ^_^ ) or any other sort off furries so now, I think, it is quite the proper time to write something about this. So keep an eye on both me and saturdaymorningproj as he had already expressed his desire to work on such a project with me.

Until then, I hope to meet you all in the best of health ^_^

>>>I would like to take advantage of this journal to make a questionnaire:
Writing about duels using combinations that can sum as much as the following:
Magic: as seen in the Harry Potter novels, MLP, and a few other references.
Winged: as seen in the Legends of Ga'Hoole novels and quite a few other minor references
What would you, dearest reader of this journal, think of something along these lines? Will it do for short stories, comics, or something else, perhaps?
Give me your thoughts on this, please.<<<

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